Why is Kickstarter important in our plans for Boomerville Comics

Boomerville Comics x Kickstarter

Why is Kickstarter important in our plans for Boomerville Comics

This is the first in a series of articles we’ll be publishing in the coming months, detailing our journey leading up to the launch of our crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for our first compilation comicbook, where the adventures of our beloved characters will come together.

As many of you may already know, Kickstarter is the world’s most renowned crowdfunding platform, hosting campaigns of all kinds. It categorizes products ranging from consumer electronics, accessories, video games, board games, publications, and, in general, everything you can imagine related to innovation, technology, and creativity.

The category of publications and comics has always been a part of this platform, with over 25,000 projects launched in the comics category alone. This includes works of all types, different styles ranging from manga to European comics, spanning genres such as fantasy, science fiction, and, of particular interest to us, satirical humor.

Comics and highly successful projects, created by well-known authors like Terry Pratchett, Boom! Studios, Cd Projekt Red, Coffin comics, and many others, have received support from tens of thousands of backers and have achieved funding goals in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, as demonstrated in this article about the most popular comics on Kickstarter in 2022.

The importance of reaching the comic lovers community

For a project like ours, which involves creating comics that tell satirical stories featuring a cast of mediocre, despicable, and closed-minded characters, Kickstarter represents a unique opportunity to reach a broad and specialized audience inclined to support creations like ours.

Undoubtedly, this is a qualitative leap that would be challenging to achieve through other means.

This platform will also allow us to create and offer rewards to our backers that would otherwise be challenging, as they require minimum quantities for production and an investment that would be unattainable for us otherwise.

Reaching such a broad audience will not only help us raise funds to develop more and better products but also substantially grow our community.

This growth will enrich our community with new thinkers, collectors, and followers, in turn, benefiting the value of our brand, products, and especially our limited edition digital collectibles.

For all these reasons, launching the first compilation volume of Boomerville Comics on Kickstarter will be a top priority in the coming months, aligning with the creation of the stories, individual comics in NFT format, and all our exclusive pieces for collectors, merchandise collections, and everything we do to ensure Boomerville keeps expanding.

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