The Story of Ash and Tray: Their Origin and Comic Debut

Ash & Tray

The Story of Ash and Tray: Their Origin and Comic Debut

Ash and Tray are two characters I conceived during the COVID-19 quarantine in March 2020. At that time, I worked as a craftsman in my own workshop, creating home accessories. Given that everyone was confined to their homes, it was a very active year for my work.

During that period, I had a neighbor in my building who was very annoying, selfish, and inconsiderate. Fortunately, he’s no longer around, but he was genuinely bothersome.

Since childhood, I had always wanted to pursue a career in creating comics.

Although my professional life took me in different directions, that idea always lingered in my mind. With the free time I had while locked at home and the frustration caused by that neighbor, I came up with the idea of creating characters to mock a certain type of people, represented by that neighbor and his friend. Two men in their fifties, selfish, drunkards, and closed-minded. That’s how Ash and Tray were born.

Around mid-2020, I hadn’t heard much about NFTs, except for some news about NBA collectibles. I created an Instagram account (which no longer exists today) and posted some sketches. Being a follower of various illustrator accounts, I knew monetizing this content was challenging. As my life and work returned to normal, I gradually abandoned those early steps of Ash and Tray.

A year later, I was more informed about NFTs and had invested some savings in Cardano. During the summer of 2021, I began to explore and learn about NFTs and the emerging community. That’s when I saw an opportunity for Ash and Tray, and I started developing the brand, a website, and the concept of a comic series featuring these despicable characters.

The idea was to create a monthly series of comics, all interconnected in a storyline where these two opportunistic characters would try to make a name for themselves in the world of streaming, thinking it was an easy way to make money.

In the first comic, released as an NFT on December 2, 2021, titled ‘Welcome Fellowers!,’ the concept is introduced, and we witness the characters making their dual debut as comic characters and streamers!

Here is the page in its updated version for the Special 2nd-anniversary edition.

Ash & Tray #1 Welcome Fellowers!

We will continue discussing Ash and Tray in future posts to complete the story of how this project emerged and took its first steps.

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