Custom orders

An exclusive service for our holders

This is an exclusive service for holders where we want to adapt to your needs and preferences.

If you have any ideas related to our comic-based universe that you’d like to apply to a physical format, let’s brainstorm together and find the solution that best suits what you’re looking for and make it a reality!

Share your ideas, we’ll try to offer you the best solution and the quotation for your custom request.

Some possible use cases:

  • Print your boomers in other formats not available in our print-on-demand service (wall art or clothing).
  • Consult us about other products that are not yet in our catalog.
  • We can adapt your NFTs for printing in other formats or dimensions.
  • Do you have an idea for a “boomer” phrase you’d like to apply to a t-shirt?

Let’s talk! Get in touch with us through email, or by opening a ticket in our discord server!

Collector discounts are not valid for custom orders, as this process involves extra work.