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NFT digital Comics

Check out our current and upcoming NFT digital Comics mints!

Ash & Tray Anniversary Ed.

To celebrate Ash and Tray’s 2nd anniversary, we’ve crafted a one-of-a-kind collector’s edition, compiling all their tales into a truly special volume.

#1 Tales of a businessman

Dick is the star of our first comic! In this one, our beloved character takes on a new business adventure. Let’s see how it goes!

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Boomerville Comics #2 Coming soon!

#2 Title pending

Felicia is the star of our second comic that we are working on at the moment! Stay tuned for news

Limited Edition Sketches

Get one of our very limited edition original sketches!

Sherman goes to Las Vegas sketch

Sherman goes to Las Vegas sketch

Sherman goes to Las Vegas, our tribute to the NFTxLV event in a 1:1 illustration portraying Sherman dressed up as a fake Elvis.

Limited Edition of 50 copies. 25 ADA/NFT

* Our Collectors will enjoy an automatic discount on their mintings based on their holding!


Get your tickets to access the most exclusive experiences in all of Boomerville!

Custom boomer ticket

Custom Boomer ticket

Get your ticket to order your Custom Boomer, either for yourself or as a gift! Your direct access to the Boomer’s Club!

300 ADA

*We are Boomers! holders enjoy their usual discounts

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