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Meet Victor, 53

Victor was born in 1970 and was raised in the midst of an artistically inclined family, surrounded by a bohemian environment typical of those years. He is perhaps our boomer with the most finely honed natural talent.

From a very young age, he demonstrated his musical prowess and quickly stood out as a virtuoso bassist.

He was a part of the band led by Ash, Ash & The Holes, and was the only one who truly knew what he was doing.

Despite being in a somewhat mediocre band, he caught the attention of talent scouts who offered him a chance to make it in the music industry, provided he left his band and departed from Boomerville. However, if there was one thing Victor wasn’t good at, it was choosing whom to trust and making wise decisions.

Ash convinced him to stay as the bassist in their band, a decision Ash himself would later regret… some opportunities only come once in a lifetime.

Today, Victor is a music teacher at the Boomerville High School and occasionally still performs with local bands, pretending as if he still holds onto some enthusiasm.

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