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Meet Tray, 53

Tray was a solitary, shy, and insecure child who was often teased at school for his overweight, glasses, and pretty much any excuse bored kids could find that day to pick on him. An only child, raised by his mother and grandparents, he spent his days reading comic books, science fiction magazines, and anything about Martians. Eventually, the first video games and computers entered his life and never left.

He had a knack for fixing electronic devices and had a deep understanding of how they worked. So, he started working from his room, repairing all kinds of small appliances for his neighbors, eventually opening his own establishment. Over the years, it specialized in computer science, building, and customizing computers.

He’s still passionate about video games and spends entire nights playing fantasy MMORPGs.

You know that kind of guy who uses female avatars in those games other players try to hit on him? that’s Tray. He’s great with video games and computers but not so great at much else.

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