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Meet Sherman, 55

Sherman was born in 1967, a classic spoiled child, just like some of our other boomers – what a coincidence…

He never excelled in school, neither in academics nor sports, and his only skill was picking on others, being the typical bully who didn’t know any other way to get attention.

Another one of our boomers who has mediocrity as a talent, during his youth, he dedicated himself mainly to partying, where he quickly became good friends with Dick, and they self-proclaimed themselves as legends of Boomerville’s nightlife, claiming to be great winners with the ladies and all the clichés… No one remembers any feats, but they also don’t care enough to argue about it.

As the owner of the local gym and a distributor of a brand of products for gym addicts, including supplements, proteins, and other stuff… His obsession with fitness also extends to proudly declaring himself a vegan, although his strict personal care regimen goes on hold during the weekends when he continues to extend his legend as the king of the night.

Monday is his detox day, another way of saying he’s nursing a hangover and doesn’t want to go to work.

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