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Meet Ignatius, 54

Ignatius was born in 1969 into a traditional and deeply religious family; he’s the eldest of three siblings. He was a shy and insecure child, raised with an irrational fear of God and a sinful life.

His passion was sports, both playing and, especially, being a fan since he was a big kid but lacked skill. His mother didn’t like this hobby, but he and his father secretly shared it.

Soon, he realized that if he wanted to be connected to the world of sports, it would have to be indirectly because he was never selected to be part of the teams. So, he decided to become a referee, something his mother eventually accepted because she saw it as the only respectable role within a sports field.

He eventually became a professional referee and built a somewhat significant career that ended in frustration when he got involved in a match-fixing scandal, something he never saw coming.

Currently, he works as a gym teacher at Boomerville High School and provides commentary on local radio as an arbitration expert during games.

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