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Meet Felicia, 54

Felicia was born on November 13, 1968, in Boomerville, back when it was a much smaller and more rural town than it is now, you know?

They named her Felicia because her mom, right when she saw her newborn baby, thought she was the happiest and smiliest little thing ever and that she’d grow up to be a really cheerful girl.

She grew up juggling school with helping her parents run their bar, which used to be just a simple joint serving meals to hardworking folks during the day and turning into a club at night, where those same workers would spend their hard-earned money on cheap booze and mediocre live music.

Felicia eventually dropped out of school to focus on working at the bar and, with the money she saved up, she followed her favorite rock bands on tour.

As the years passed, she took over the bar and transformed it into the now-famous “Felicia’s.”

Thanks to her hard work, Felicia knows everyone in Boomerville, and a lot of her closest friends are regulars at her bar. It’s like a hub for the community, you know? Everyone just gravitates towards Felicia and her place. It’s pretty amazing!

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