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Meet Edith, 49

Edith has always been an outsider. As a child, she was the girl who preferred solitude, reading fantasy books, over playing with other kids her age, something that hasn’t changed to this day.

She grew up as an only child, although her parents didn’t pay her much attention. They didn’t understand her, and she wasn’t very interested in them either, not having any desire to live that kind of life.

She completed all her studies without any trouble, but she was one of those people no one really remembers from high school or college.

She works at the Boomerville Public Library, surrounded by books, not because it’s her passion, but because one has to work somewhere, and there’s peace and quiet there.

You might wonder how such a reserved and antisocial person ended up being part of our group of boomers. Well, the thing is, she met Tray online, and we don’t have more details about that, but they dated for a while. Even though the relationship ended quickly, that’s how she got to know the rest of the group, and now she’s part of this diverse gang without anyone quite understanding how she fits in with them or how they fit in with her. I guess we’ll find out as we go along!

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