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Meet Dolores, 54

Dolores was born in 1969 into a working-class family, humble but very proud and aware of the importance of providing their daughter with the best possible education and instilling in her the social values that would make her a bright student and activist, committed to social causes, advocating for equality and the fight for social rights.

As expected, she was an excellent student and became a lawyer with the intention of continuing to advocate for the underprivileged. But that was when she was young…

Today, she would look at her younger self with disdain and haughtiness. Her job led her to success, success led to ambition, and ambition led to classism. Today, it would be easier to find Dolores fighting for the last piece of a designer handbag than defending someone in need.

She remains someone who is said to have achieved success, as she has money and power, but she has nothing more to her name.

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