young Dick
old Dick

Meet Dick, 52

Dick is one of those folks who haven’t done much on their own and can barely change their socks without help.

He’s never had to worry about the little things that most people deal with every day, like doing laundry.

Spoiled from the very beginning, born into a super wealthy family. One of those families where being arrogant and snobbish runs in the blood and is proudly passed down from one generation to another.

Young Dick was a real party animal, always using money to gain popularity.

He breezed through the education system until he was old enough to focus on his businesses, mainly opening and unfortunately, sometimes ruining hospitality ventures and nightclubs.

Hey, everyone has their bad luck, right?

He considers himself a self-made man, though he probably never stopped to ponder the true meaning of that phrase – it just sounds good to him and it’s what he proudly puts on his business card.

Dick would be one of those people who reads coaching books if reading wasn’t so boring.

However, he attends events all the time, although he doesn’t really pay attention.

So, why is he interested in business? To have something to talk about when he meets his friends at Felicia’s bar, on the golf course, or at the club. It gives him a reason to go to the office instead of staying in bed until Friday.

Dick’s appearances

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