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Meet Ash, 54

Ash was born in January 1969. As a kid, he was a boy with little personality and charisma, but he desperately wanted to be popular. This led him to become the unfunny prankster and, as he grew up, the one who adopted a tough guy persona with the carefree attitude.

He never excelled in anything and didn’t possess any special talents, except for his lack of shame, his huge ego and bad attitude of a late ’80s rock star, but without the talent.

Nevertheless, he led an emerging music band with some of his friends. They played every week at Felicia’s parents’ bar and even went on tour. However, success quickly got to Ash’s head, causing the band to dissolve due to the leader’s ego, which frustrated the aspirations of some of the band members with genuine talent.

Ash bounced from one job to another until settling as a bartender at Felicia’s. For some strange reason, Ash has always been her weakness.

For a while, we saw him trying to make it in show business with his friend Tray, although, as had happened before, his ego ended the adventure.

Nowadays, you can find him serving beers at Felicia’s with his usual apathy and playing music on Friday and Saturday nights, the moments when he feels like the rock star he never was. He takes pride in not playing any music composed after 1999.

Ash’s appearances

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