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Meet Anita, 55

Anita was daddy’s little girl and the pretty, popular girl in high school. She quickly learned that with a smile or a tear, she could get anything she wanted in this world. That alone was enough for her to stand out during her youth.

Raised in a family that doted on her, providing her with everything she needed to achieve fame and stardom. The thing is, beyond her more spoiled princess-like attitude than that of a girl from a small town, Anita had no special talent or passion. She simply grew up assuming she deserved special treatment, a certain status granted to her by birthright.

Time passes for everyone, and life puts us in our place. Several decades after her heyday, Anita still wants to live that life, go back to that moment, and receive the treatment of a small-town aristocrat that she still considers her own. She has never worked and looks down on anyone who has achieved success through hard work.

She has been married several times and lived away from Boomerville for many years, but she has returned to the town, much to her misfortune, and entertains herself by trying to succeed on social media and as a local celebrity. It’s not that she needs the money, but she desperately craves the attention, the likes, and she’s willing to do whatever it takes to stay on top of the game.

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