Interview with Netanel Cohen

Netanel Cohen

Interview with Netanel Cohen, architect and illustrator.

In our news section, we want to dedicate a special space to other artists, illustrators, and various creative profiles who not only we admire but also, in one way or another, collaborate with us.

That’s why we are launching this new interview section with our first guest artist, the creator of the cover for the Special Edition of our first comic, Boomerville Comics #1 Tales of a Businessman. Personally, I’m a big fan of Netanel Cohen’s work and his creative approach, and from the beginning, I wanted him to be our first guest artist because I believed his style would perfectly align with ours. You’ve already seen the result!

Comic cover process

Without further ado, here’s the interview with Netanel Cohen.

Tell us a bit about yourself, who you are, what you do, hobbies…

I’m 36 y.o, architect and illustrator based in Israel. I do mainly urban planning at my job, and illustrations mostly for myself.

When and why did you start getting interested in drawing?

I was doing it ever since I was a kid. Always liked to do it when I’m bored or when I have an idea in my head I feel that I need to extract.

As an illustrator and artist, what themes do you like to explore and depict in your work?

I was trying a lot of themes and styles but I always seem to end up doing something a little bit funny, I guess I’m not able to draw totally serious stuff lol

As a passionate advocate for art and creativity, what inspires you? Which artists do you follow?

I’m inspired by everything around me basically, and a lot from my childhood experiences. I follow all the great artists in the cardano community and learn from every one of them, but my big 3 “idols” (for the last period) Douglas Johnson, Tomer Hanuka and Josan Gonzalez.

You already have a presence in the world of NFTs on Cardano. Could you tell us how you got started? Why did you decide to explore the world of NFTs, and what do you think it offers to creators?

I got into cardano and nfts by mistake, working with a criminal idiot that sold my work on MiLK and got away with all the ADA, also tricked the community with it to invest in a failed DAO.

After that, I decided to try and make things right and with the help of friends from the community, and made the Milkrugz collection that was all for free to the holders of the failed DAO. With that, I discovered a new world of art and art lovers and decided to stay. I believe nfts are an amazing way for artists to express themselves and share their vision with others, and by that build a name and value to their work. For me, it’s the equivalent to show artwork in a fancy gallery to collectors and investors.

The collectors community is small, and there’s a lot of tribalism among different cryptocurrencies. As a creator, what do you believe is needed for the sector to grow and reach a broader audience?

I’m not really familiar with collectors from another Blockchains, only Cardano. But for growing, I think the only thing needed is more quality content.

Speaking of the process you followed to create the cover for our first comic, could you tell us a bit about your working process using that illustration as an example?

First I think of an idea. Then, making some quick sketches of it with a pencil on paper. After getting the right composition more or less, I make the lines more accurate with pencil, and when I can see it clearly in my head, I go over the lines with a Rapidograph. Erasing all the pencil, scanning it in hi res and fixing all the little mistakes in Photoshop. After that its the hardest part – colours.

That’s all, thank you very much, Netanel!

It’s been a pleasure collaborating with you, and we hope to do so many more times in the future! We wish you all the best, and for those interested, we’ve included some examples of Netanel Cohen’s work but, first, here there are the links where you can follow him and his work:

Netanel’s twitter

Netanel’s instagram

Netanel Cohen Art 2022-2023