We are Boomers!

The collection where we introduced our characters, the boomers, in a limited series of 1998 NFT artworks, drawn entirely by hand.

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About the Collection

This collection showcases the Boomers, our main characters who will be the central focus of the project through their comic stories and collectibles that will expand the fictional universe of Boomerville.

We create our characters as a way to portray stereotypes of people that we want to highlight through humor and satire. Get to know them in the Meet the Boomers! section.

All traits are tailored to each character, reflecting their appearance and personality, making this collection truly composed of entirely unique pieces.

In addition to serving as an introduction to our characters, this collection provides holders with a wide range of benefits and advantages that they can exclusively enjoy. This includes discounts, personalized works, and more. All these benefits are detailed here.

We are Boomers! Gallery

In this gallery, you can see handpicked artworks that are part of the We are Boomers! collection. All of them NFTs held by our collectors. To view the complete collection, check out the secondary market.