Boomerville vision. Comics, collectibles, and the path ahead

Boomerville shop in the town map

Boomerville vision. Comics, collectibles, and the path ahead

We’ve just opened our merchandising store, and with that, we had to build it and add it to our town’s map! So, while we were at it, we thought it was a good time to update our project vision and talk a bit about our short and long-term goals.

The project has always been about comics and using the characters we’ve created to tell stories about ordinary people living ordinary lives.

All while satirically and with a touch of acidic humor, portraying those stereotypes of people whom we consider as boomers.

These are individuals with closed minds, content with mediocrity, and no intention of evolving.

In the phase we’re currently in, we’re dedicating a comic to each character as a way for the audience to get to know them better. All these stories are periodically published in the form of a digital comic embedded in an NFT, in a limited series.

This approach allows us to cover the project’s development costs while providing collectors with a unique, numbered, and scarce collectible that comes with added benefits.

As we continue on this journey, we will also further develop our website, adding new sections and expanding the variety of exclusive content for collectors.

We’re gearing up for a Kickstarter campaign to release a physical comic volume.

The first major milestone for the project will come when we have published all these comics and compile them into a volume that we will release in physical format through a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. As rewards, we will offer our merchandising, limited editions, and digital collectibles.

This step will mark a significant milestone in our journey, and we hope it will help us reach a much larger audience while also serving as an entry point to NFTs for many who haven’t explored them yet.

During this stage, we will also release limited editions of collectibles, unique pieces, and continue offering rewards to our collectors in the form of illustrations and other benefits, as detailed here.

Long term goals including more comics and new forms of collectibles!

Once this phase is completed, we will start developing new stories that feature our characters but focus on their relationships over the years. How did Herb become a part of Ash’s rock band? What led Tray and Edith to start dating?

If we meet our goals and Boomerville grows as we envision, in addition to our comic universe, we will expand our range of products, creating more collectibles, both digital and physical. We don’t plan on introducing new characters, but we do plan to take our boomers into other universes, such as turning them into toys, 3D models usable in video games, and much more!

If you support us and help us grow, there are no limits!

The borders of Boomerville will continue to expand, and we will keep building new buildings and adding them to our map.