We’ve finally opened the Boomerville merch store!

Boomerville Shop!

We’ve finally opened the Boomerville merch store!

We’ve been working on it for several months, both in web development and product design, and in finding the right supplier to offer you what we wanted.

Ever since we decided we wanted our own store with original designs, where you could find posters, printed illustrations, and other wall art for decorating your home, as well as fun clothing, printed t-shirts, hoodies, and other products to elevate your boomer lifestyle, we were clear that it couldn’t be the typical cheap, low-quality merch store.

That’s why we’ve put a lot of effort into product selection, designs, and service.

The Boomerville store is finally here!

What can you find in our store?

For the launch, we’ve divided our range into four categories:

  1. Clothing. In this category, we include our original designs, phrases, and illustrations from our universe, printed on t-shirts, hoodies, and other garments that we like and that offer quality assurance.
  2. Wall art. In this category, we include limited edition numbered illustrations made exclusively for this purpose that will be removed from sale once they are sold out. They are available in various formats and finishes.
  3. Print on demand. This is a service we offer to our entire audience so you can print your favorite NFTs, whether they’re boomers or not, as well as any other image you’d like to decorate your home with.
  4. Custom orders. This is an exclusive service for collectors where we want to adapt to your needs and preferences. If you have any ideas related to our universe that you’d like to apply to a physical format, let’s brainstorm together and find the solution that best suits what you’re looking for and make it a reality!

We want our store to have its own life, with product rotation and designs, and for you to be able to come to us for solutions to bring your digital collectibles into the physical world.

For this, it was very important to have a supplier that would allow us such flexibility and provide adequate and quality service, offering production in destination in many countries, sustainable and quality products, and a catalog that we hope to explore gradually with new designs.

The advantages of being a collector.

One of our pillars is the community of collectors who support us, and we always want to provide value to them. That’s why our collectors will enjoy certain permanent benefits, such as:

  • Discounts on their orders
  • Early access to limited editions
  • Custom orders

We hope you like and enjoy what we offer in our store! For more information or any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!